Sunday 25 February 2018
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Choirmaster to release ‘Hook Me Up’

A former member of the famous Praye hiplife group, Choirmaster is feverishly working on his new single: Hook Me Up, which will soon hit the market.

According the singer, the song which touches on real life situation and the need to network, is the song for the voiceless who for certain reasons have got no positive connections to resourceful persons.

On the unveiling of popular TV/radio presenter, musician and DJ, Andy Dosty as the new member of Hiplife group, Choirmaster declined to comment on the latest development.

Choirmaster known in the group as Praye Honeho, who was unwilling to comment, later open up in an interview with Flex Newspaper.

“I’ve heard Andy Dosty has joined Praye, but I don’t want to pass any comments about it. I just don’t want to talk about anything concerning Praye again. Now we all know the new Praye consists of Andy Dosty, Big J and Praye Tintin, so I’m now free to do my work without any hindrance,” Choirmaster stated.

The Catwalk hit maker stated that, though the trios have not spoken in a long while, they are on good terms, he expresses surprise at Andy Dosty not keeping him posted on his plans to join the Praye group. “Andy Dosty is my friend and he should have given me a heads-up that this is what is going to happen, but he didn’t. It doesn’t matter though, I wish them all the best,” he noted.

News of the defunct Praye group’s comeback went viral on several media platforms last year, as Praye Honeho cited his current management, Blue Rose Entertainment as the major reason why he cannot join his colleagues to rejuvenate the group.

The Praye therefore, became a reduce to two until they introduced their new member, Andy Dosty, while performing on stage at the just ended Freedom Concert, last Sunday at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.  Source:

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