Sunday 25 February 2018
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Movie producers ignoring veterans – Kohwe

They are blessed in rich experience and still have the ability to affect movies with their interesting blend of styles with the young lads. But Veteran Actor Kofi Liang, known in show business as ‘Kohwe’ expresses disappointment in how some film producers treats them.

He questions why some film producers and directors have ignored the veteran actors on set, when their compatriots were given roles to play in Nigeria.

“Why do they rather want to use make-up and powder to make young actors play elderly roles? And sometimes, they even do a bad job of it, so why not use people who are naturally elderly? This just beats my imagination”.

The legend Kofi Laing who started his acting in the late 70’s, tried finding out why the old actors were not being used and he was told they were not marketable.

“I am told the film makers say we are not marketable but I don’t think that is true because there are a few films that I have been featured and they have done well on the market so what are they talking about?” he asked.

“We are not expensive but they should give us something that will make us happy” Kofi Laing said this in an interview with Angel TV last Monday.

He urged film makers to reconsider their decision, and start engaging the old actors.|

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