Sunday 25 February 2018
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Ghana’s Tennis team won’t be in Rio 2016

Ghana’s Tennis team will not be participating at this year’s Olympics games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the country’s sport governing body has confirmed.

The country’s inability to participate is due to the disqualification of the team, ahead of the August event. Analysts say though financial constraints were the bane of the sport, but federation maintains that the disqualification of Tennis teams is based on technical grounds.     

The General Secretary of the Tennis Federation, Philipina Frimpong, says Ghana’s failure to participate in international competition has seriously affected their appearance and posture.

“We need to have a player in the top 50 in the world. If you don’t have a player, you don’t qualify. It is not just the 50th rank” she told Joy Sports.

The General Secretary explained that “you need to be in the top 8. When they count top 50 players in the world the country need to have a player in that.”

“You need to play international rank tournaments, ATP, Grand Slams, the more you win these tournaments, the more you win points,” she added.

She states that “It is point accumulation that places you in the top ranking. For a player to be number one, they need to win many tournaments to gain more points.”

“There is no African country that has a player in that level,” she disclosed.

Although it is unclear how many contingents Ghana will be presenting at the Rio 2016 Olympics, Fiestagh news gathers that Ghana will not participate in the football and hockey events because they failed to qualify.

At the moment, they are ongoing qualification for other categories and stakes are high for Ghana’s beach volley and boxing teams to qualify.

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