Sunday 25 February 2018
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Chiefs to Okyeame Kwame: Don’t change your name

An individual’s name is the most powerful and singular form of identity that such individual can have. So what will be the reason for an individual to want to change his name? Hiplife artiste, Okyeame Kwame recently attempted to change his name to ‘OK’ but met stiff opposition.

Some chief upon hearing the news of his (Okyeame Kwame) name change urge him not to, according to the ‘rap doctor’.

Okyeame Kwame had hinted he would change his name because the whites are unable to mention the ‘Okyeame’ properly.

According to him, in as much as the name ‘Okyeame’ which means linguist, has a positive impact on his personal life and music career, he is baffled with the fact that the whites ‘mess’ the pronunciation up.

“In November, we were running around Africa but wherever we go to they can’t say Okyeame and it breaks my heart. They are able to pronounce ‘Kwame’ but not the first name, ‘Okyeame’.

Although I love my roots and I love the name, I do not want the name to be a barrier so maybe I will turn it into initials or take it off and just call myself ‘Kwame’ or keep ‘Rad Doctor’. For now I don’t know the name I’m going to use but we are still thinking about it,” he was quoted to have told Hitz FM.

Meanwhile in a sharp twist, Okyeame Kwame changed his mind saying, some chiefs were not enthused.

“I had a lot of calls and messages when the news broke. Some chiefs called me and registered their displeasure. They were like, ‘herh Okyeame Kwame, what are we hearing? You want to change your name? Stop that childish move’,” he told host, Christian Agyei.

Okyeame Kwame added that even though he will not be officially known as ‘OK’, the name is part of his brand just like ‘rap doctor’.|


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