Sunday 25 February 2018
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Support women football: Naa Ashorkor to women

At a time support for women’s football was plummeting, popular Ghanaian actress and radio/TV presenter Naa Ashorkor asks wives to go to the various stadia with their husbands during women’s football games.

Naa Ashorkor bemoaned the lack of interest women show in Female support, saying that women are not doing enough to help in the patronage of women’s football by not allowing their spouses and boyfriends to support the sport.

Arguing further, she said men do their best to interest their wives and girlfriends to support the Black Stars but women are not doing same with their husbands. “It’s very obvious how men in Ghana support the Black Stars with so much passion,” she observed in an interview on TV3. “They go all out and get their girlfriends to … even support some particular English teams too”, she added.

“If women in Ghana support the Black Queens and go all out to watch their matches and tweet, put up their photos on Instagram, write about them on facebook etc, we will or they will feel the support and it will be a different kind of support.

If women can get their boyfriends as the men do to support the Black Queens and give them a little more attention than they get, then perhaps they will do better”|

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